Showers of Blessings

The Lord has been so good to me.  I have been having problems getting into my house due to my surgeries on my hip, and also dealing with arthritis due to my lupus. Some days just thinking about lifting my leg to go up or down stairs makes me hurt.  My husband would have to support my weight while I would try to climb up or go down the stairs. It wasn’t the safest method, but it was the only method we had.  We couldn’t find anyone to build us a wheelchair ramp and no money to pay them for their labor or even buy supplies.  Sometimes I would want to just sit outside on a beautiful day but could not because their wasn’t anyway for me to get down the steps with my wheelchair and I surely couldn’t get back into the house with it.  If we wanted to go somewhere we were unable to get the chair out the house without a whole lot of effort from my husband. I was kind of held captive in my own house.

We called a friend who works with disabled seniors and she told us of an organization called CASA of Madison County.  The came out to our house and interviewed us to see what our needs were.  I received a  handled shower head from the as well as a shower chair.  They put me on a list for a wheelchair ramp but told us it was a very long list but she would put us on the list as a severe need.  We hadn’t heard from the for a few months.  When Alabama was affected by the tornados I knew for sure we would have to wait due to the extreme need in the community.  I just kept doing what I have been doing.  I have improved a lot since the ladies had been out but there were still days those 4 little stairs seemed like mountains to climb when I was having a “bad” day. 

Out of the blue on Wednesday I received a call from CASA that they wanted to come out a build my ramp.  Remember I had figured they wouldn’t be out for a while. Especially after I saw first hand the devastation of so many homes and families.  Those wonderful volunteers came out and built my ramp in one day. The best part of it all is WE DIDN’T HAVE TO PAY A DIME!!! Now I can do something so simple as just sitting outside on a nice day or going in and out my home.  Thank you Lord for hearing and answering my simple request with a tremendous blessing!!

*If you wish to learn more about CASA or would like to donate time or money go to

brandi  🙂