“What a man what a man what a mighty good man! (Yes he is!)”

As I scrolled through Facebook  reading all the Father’s Day statuses it caused me to think of my own childhood.  I didn’t have anyone to give my paper crayola marker bowties, or my crayon scribbled homemade cards too.  There were those I could have given them too but they weren’t the picture fathers that Hallmark greeting cards were talking about.  The positive thing that came out of those memories was I knew what characteristics I didn’t want to have in my husband and father to my children.  It wasn’t until I was in my teenage years I realized that I had the best example of a father and a man in my great-grandfather, Eugene Marks affectionaly known as “Grandpa Bubba”.

When I was a child Grandpa Bubba owned a garbage collection business next door to our house. Ever morning before dawn I would hear his trucks running preparing for the days work.  Grandpa Bubba was at work which meant that our donuts were waiting for us in his pea green beat up pick up truck .  Every morning without fail he would leave us a dozen donuts, minus one or two on the seat of his truck.  If we happened to run into him on the way to school or church or on his way home from a hard days work he always had some change for us.  His idea of change was in paper form and he always padded our pockets with a few dollars each.  Man, we loved our great-grandpa.

When I got a little older and the pressures of home life began to be to much  me and my sister moved into Grandpa Bubbas house.  He was older and retired now and his health wasn’t the best but he still rose early every morning to make sure we had enough lunch money and bus fare to get to school.  He always wanted to make sure we were taking care of.  He made sure the refrigerator was full and if it wasn’t he would find someone who could go to the store to fill it up.  All he would ask for was a 2 piece Church’s chicken meal. Lol. He would eat that everyday.  As long as I knew him he had his chicken for dinner.

He was a proud man and even in his advanced age he would still try to do as much as he could for his family.  He was in his 80’s trying to go down our steep driveway to bring in the 5 gallon bottle of water.  It was too heavy for him to carry up the hill but he would still try even though we would tell him we got it.  He was a perfect picture of what a man is, a hardworker, a provider, a person that loved his family and would do anything for them.

He has been gone about 10 years now, but I miss and think of him often.  I wish my kids would have been able to have known him.  He was a great man that I loved dearly. Happy Father’s Day Grandpa Bubba!!