“Free Falling”/”Dr. Feel Good”

Image Detail  Twelve years later you think I would know my limitations when it comes to lupus.  I spent a good portion of yesterday soaking up ultra violet rays.  Because it was a good reason I am not kicking myself today despite spending most of the day in the bed.  My sister-in-law just celebrated her 40th birthday.  The festivities were concluded yesterday with a surprise.  She went skydiving!!!!  I won’t ever be able to do anything remotely like that because of my blood pressure, but even if that wasn’t an issue for me I am sure my heart would jump out the plane before I did!!!  Watching her was worth the extra “rest” I received today.  I will just live through her jump!! That’s about how close I will come to doing it myself!!!


I have been doing something the past 2 months that I haven’t really talked about here.  I have started to go to the chiropractor.   We had inquired about it in ’09 but decided against it at the time.  We returned this year to find our bodies at seriously deteriorate since then.  We took x-rays of our spines and reviewed them with Dr. O (our chiropractor).  In that time the lower part of my spine began to bow out and was showing beginning signs of scoliosis.  The nerves in that part of my spine controls my sex organs such as my uterus and ovaries. Since ’09 and this year I have had my uterus removed, found out I have endometriosis that can not be treated, and also had an ovary removed.  I keep thinking that if we had decided to continue care in ’09 I wouldn’t have had to deal with these issues and the surgeries that I have.

When we first started chiropractic care, I was still on my cane from the hip replacement ( I talk about it in my blog entry entitled “A day in the life…With My Super Cane” https://lupieloop.wordpress.com/2011/04/17/a-day-in-the-life/).  I just couldn’t get rid of that thing.  I had been using the cane since March 2011, and was becoming very frustrated with the fact that I was still using it.  More than anything, this was the real reason I wanted to go to the chiropractor.  I began to feel like I would  always have to use the cane and I wasn’t comfortable with that.  After three adjustments I was off my cane!!! Even though I have bad days due to the lupus, I have had a good share of “more than good” days.  Some do not believe in chiropractic car, even friends of mine that are doctors.  All I know is It has helped me tremendously!!  All I can go on is how it has improved my quality of life.  Since I am the expert on my body that is all that counts!!

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