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“Doctor Doctor, Give Me The News!”

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I recently received some news from my doctors.  I must have ANOTHER surgery March 6.  I am happy that it will stop me from being in pain, but I am not looking forward to the pain from the surgery, and the recovery however long it might be.  I have been having  really bad pelvic pain for the past months.  I thought I was having issues with my endometriosis, then one doctor thought I had a hernia. I had more than enough scans, and they showed a cyst on my right ovary, however my ob believes that the cyst is probably gone since so much time has passed since my scans. After going to the surgeon, he believed it was my appendix.  I am thinking the same.  There is so many organs in such a small area, including my 6-year-old transplanted kidney.

This is going to be my 10 surgery.  I am so tired of having surgery’s.  I have been on pain meds for so long, the pain medicine they give me doesn’t work anymore.  Morphine does absolutely nothing.  My last surgery was my hip replacement, and I was in so much pain I couldn’t even think straight.  I was taking Dilaudid through my pain pump. I set my timer on my cell phone so that I would know when to push the button.  Because I wasn’t getting in relief I would get morphine every two hours that didn’t in any way take care of the pain, but it kept me from pulling my hair out.  I don’t really get nervous when I am having surgery, it is just that I wish my pain could be controlled.  It is sometimes hard to convince the nurses I am not a tweaking drug addict, but a patient with a high tolerance to pain medication.  Everyone is a tweaker until there is proof to the contrary.   I had a very mean nurse one time that had no kind of compassion, and seemed quite annoyed that I kept telling her the pain medicine was not working and I was in severe pain.  She said in a nasty tone, “I just gave you enough meds for a 400 pound man!” Well lady, get me something else!  If I wasn’t in so much pain I would have reported her. I was in too much pain to remember her name, and since I was waiting for the anesthesia to wear off I couldn’t open my eyes and wasn’t able to look at her name tag.  I have had wonderful nurses through the years, but I have had more than one bad one.  It sure doesn’t help the recovery process.

I am praying this will be my last surgery EVER AGAIN!!!  I need an up swing of go health for a change.  Do you think I could get a tummy tuck and some lipo for being a return customer?  They sure have gotten a lot of money off of me over the years.  I think it is only fair.

Brandi 🙂


One thought on ““Doctor Doctor, Give Me The News!”

  1. Brandi I’m proud of your blogs and how they have evolved into a really insightful, candid, and touching perspective on your life and living with lupus. You’ve touched a ton of people including me. Keep up the good work.

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