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“It’s a Family Affair”

I have taken on the endeavor of researching my family tree. It has been a rewarding experience. I have always wished to have known more about my family, but the importance of finding out wasn’t pressing enough to take the energy and time.  Now that I am getting older and have began to realize that  the patriarchs and matriarchs of the family are aging and may someday not be around anymore, it is important to get the information while I can, not only for myself, but my children as well.

Due to a great oral history on my maternal side I finished my grandfather’s side very quickly. My grandfather died when I was 8 years old yet I vividly remember going to see my ” Grandpa Delbert”.  Going to see him rivaled Disneyland. I believe all the grandchildren would agree to this.  We did everything with Grandpa.  When he mowed the yard, we would sit on top of the riding mower.  When he was on the tractor we road on his lap.  When he would take us fishing we would dig out the worms in his “worm farm” with no fear at all.  When we got back he would let us scale the fish and help clean them.  This by itself does not seem like a fun activity but with Grandpa it was.  We loved going to the store with him. He would drive us to the convenience store in Bell Town and buy us all the candy and sweets we could carry.  He was our best friend and we wanted to be everywhere and anywhere he was.  I have so many great memories of him.  I can still remember his face and voice.  I was talking to my sister the other day, and I asked her what it would have been like if he had not died.  I could only speculate, but I knew there would have been many more great memories to be had.

There is a great story on “Grandpa Delbert’s side of the family. Jerry David Daniel, (before the “s” was put at the end) born in 1844,was an Ethiopian Slave on the Russel Daniel plantation.. His mother was also on the same plantation but I was unable to find information on her.  Russel Daniel had four son’s, but his wife wanted a little girl so he  had a little girl with an unknown Native American woman and brought her home to his wife.  While growing up on the plantation, Adaline, Russel’s daughter, fell in love with Jerry, the Ethiopian slave.  Her father disagreed with their relationship as any plantation owner would.  Adaline told her father she would kill herself if she was not allowed to marry him. They eventually married and had 7 children.  One of their children, born in 1874, was named Elijah Aaron which coincidentally  is our direct relative and also is the name of my oldest son.  I loved hearing about this story.  Without even knowing I was honoring one of my ancestors.

In recent years I have felt the urge to find out who I am and what my purpose is on this earth.  I am not sure yet of my purpose but I am beginning to find out who I am. I am the wife of Cornell Henry Watts, the mother of Elijah Aaron Watts and Brandon Alexander Watts.   I am the daughter of Randy  Darnell Wingate and Denise  Alice Daniels, the granddaughter of Delbert Everett Daniels, Constance Marie Clark,  Arlee Wingate, Eddie King and Katie B. Mcmillan.  I am because they were.

Brandi Nichell Wingate Watts  🙂


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