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“I Get So Weak”

Hey guys! It has been a minute since I have posted a new blog. I hope you are keeping cool in this blistering heat!  I have been trying though I am not always successful.

In the past weeks I have still  been trying to  rehabilitate this “new hip”.  My therapist feels that I am doing very well considering having my leg hacked into so many times.  I still have considerable weakness and it is taking longer than I expected for it to get back into working order which has been VERY frustrating for me.  I need to get this weight off that I have gained from those immobile and barely mobile months. Due to the weakness and the fatigue I have been experiencing my excercise plan has remained in the planning stage.  I have maybe two more physical therapy sessions scheduled and that will probably will be it.  I have to find a replacement to keep me active and work on improving my hip.  Water aerobics is the idle transition but I haven’t found one in the city that I could attend weekly that my wallet likes. The Lord knows what I need and he will provide.

Fellow Lupies, try to stay out the sun and don’t forget sun screen. UV rays  ( inside or outside exposure) are no fun neither are flare ups so protect yourself as much as you can.

Brandi  🙂

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