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A Pitiful Case of the Pits!

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Sometimes having lupus is the pits!! Lately I have been dealing with  sun-sensitivity, a horrible case of restlessness/agitation and daily bouts with insomnia.  I keep telling myself I have been through worse but it still hasn’t changed my mind about the fact that, sometimes having lupus is the pits.  I am very agitated  about being agitated, to sensitive for my sun-sensitivity and  to sleepy to do anything about it!!

Lately the sun and I have not been getting along.  Even a few minutes in the sun and I feel like I have a sun burn with horrible fatigue and joint pain.  I have always known about sun-sensitivity and lupus but I never had any problems until this year.  I think I am making up for lost time or something. The WRATH is upon me!! Most days I am held hostage in this house trying to duck and dodge any kind of sunlight, which adds to my frustration dealing with the restlessness and agitation because I am stuck in this house.

So now it is 10:00pm. I just finished pacing the hallway for the 10th time tonight. It is going to be a long night. Of course I am not sleepy. I am wide awake, restless, agitated with a sunburn that doesn’t exist. Yes, sometimes lupus is the pits!!


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