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All In His Time


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The other day I wrote about how I absolutely loved my physical therapy at Nesin Therapy Services and I was very sad because I would no longer be able to return due to them not taking Medicaid.  I have been putting off calling my doctor to transfer to another place all week.  Part of the reason was I wasn’t sure which facility to transfer to and wanted to ask around to see which place could even halfway compare to Nesin.  As I said before I LOVE Nesin.  They give fabulous one on one care and was heartbroken that I would have to leave and go somewhere else where I know for sure I would feel cheated.  I have been a little frustrated because I definitely need to have therapy.  Even though I have improved I still have to walk with a cane and occasionally feel pain in that hip.  I know the Lord has my back but I began to wonder why he was taking me through all these different changes. I knew there would be a testimony in this trial but I had began to feel impatient.  I wanted my prayers to be answered now.   I was like a little kid who wants to eat their dessert before dinner. You have to eat dinner first because if you have the dessert first you might become full and not eat the dinner.  Dinner has all the nutrients and vitamins that our body needs.  We wouldn’t be very healthy if we lived on desserts alone. Yes the Lord could have just fixed my problem right away, or better yet I could have just sailed through without any issue at all. If he had done that I wouldn’t have seen the blessing or had the testimony. I wouldn’t have learned the lesson.  I can’t rush him.  He works in his own time, not mine.  I wanted the dessert before my dinner.

I got a call from Nesin today. They have CLEARED  my bill and I can return to therapy on Monday! A prayer was answered in his time, not mine. God is so good!  HOW GREAT THOU ART!

brandi  🙂


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