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“Your only the best I ever had.”

Frowny Face Clip Art

It’s been a few days since my last post. I have been having serious joint issues and have been unable to type.  I am still struggling. I am actually typing with only one hand!! 

I really love my physical therapist. I have never had therapy like this before. They actually take out the time to really give therapy. I go in for an hour of excellent one on one care. They are not just barking out exercises but actually take the time out to actually show me what to do. They message my hip, and even though I am not treated for my knee pain they take care of that too. I absolutely love Nesin Therapy. However last week I learned that I would not be able to return. I am just so upset.  I was not told when I began that they do not take Medicaid.  I would have to pay 40 a week to continue services.  I am so heartbroken.  I now feel that any other place I go I will be cheated. I have had to have physical therapy many times over the years and never received the care I got from Nesin.  I will feel gypped going back to where I have gone before. So needless to say I am very down about it.  I am praying when I transfer back to my old physical therapist there will be a  GOD sent therapist there that is not afraid to go above and beyond for their patient and I can resume receiving the care that I have now become accustomed too.  It is always something. This new hip is really testing my faith.  From the beginning it has been a rocky road. I know there is a testimony in this somewhere; I just hope it is revealed soon so I can better understand why there are so many detours and hills I have  had to climb.

closing with my one hand and 1/2 a leg,

brandi 😦


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