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“Friends…How many of us have them?”

I just love my friends. Not just any old friends. I am talking about those good friends who can complete your sentences. Those friends who will tell you your breath stinks or your breast are hanging out your shirt. Lol.  Those friends who you may not talk to all the time due to life getting in the way, but some how you pick up right where you left off. Those are the friends I am talking about.  If you don’t have any of these type friends you need to find one or two.  I can be my total self around them without feeling  judged.  If I do something wrong they are quick to correct me and call me out on my mess.  I don’t need to put on an act because they know me. They have been with me through the trials and the smiles.  They are always there when I need them. I am so thankful to have them in my life.

First there is my best friend Jeanine.  We have been best friends for at least 20 years.  We have told each other secrets, shared crushes over the cute guys and shared many memories together, good and bad.  It was only the two of us until Shalotta came along; my other bestie. I was 5’3 and she was about 6’0. Just imagine what we looked like walking together.  She did our hair so we wouldn’t look a hot mess on those “road trips to L.A. Do you remember those?!?  We would watch Color Purple faithfully and the three of us would act out every scene playing numerous people at one time! Man we had no lives back then did we? Should I even think about the “music video” we made. I hope someone has burnt that thing and then grind it to a pulp! LOL!

In highschool I became part of the “biddy crew” which consisted of Brandi, Cindy and Tricia!! Why did we act so old in highschool.  I am sure we missed out on stuff  but for some reason I don’t think we cared.  I don’t think we were just so mature than anybody else. I think we were loners who liked being alone and didn’t give a care what the “other” people were doing. We kept our selves busy with daily “biddy crew” meetings everyday at lunch in Mr. Mcferren’s class or Ms. Mendoza’s. We were such nerds. It’s been years since highschool but every time we talk it’s like we are those same three girls from highschool laughing and joking like not a day has passed.

I am so grateful for my friends. Whenever I  need anything they are right there.  When I need an encouraging word or a good laugh out of the blue one of them will call me at just the right time.  There is nothing  like good friends to warm your soul.  Long lasting friends are sometimes hard to come by so I am so thankful for each one of you.  You each have impacted my life in a positive way. I hope I have been the same for you. Lets continue to share more laughs and good times.

Last but not least there is my husband Cornell.  The lord knew exactly what he was doing when he brought him into my life.  We can never quite agree on the story of how we met but nonetheless both stories are pretty good though Cornell’s is slightly inaccurate.  He has been there for me each step of the way.  When I couldn’t do a thing for myself he was there holding my hand. Cornell I love you. Those three words jus can’t convey how I feel.  I thank God for your love and enduring friendship.

No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.
Robert Southey



P.s. Cindy and Tricia I guess I forgive you now. LOL!!!!


One thought on ““Friends…How many of us have them?”

  1. nothing but smiles. Its crazy how someone can share in all the joys and tragedies of your life, even when they arenc’t physically there. i know i can call you because i stubbed my toe and you’d be there.,that’s love.

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